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What Type of Home Matches Your Vision of Retirement

As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist designee, I help people develop a real estate plan. More and more adults now care for their parents or loved ones while supporting children of their own. Many decisions need to be made around housing options. I am here to discuss the many possibilities and help families with housing transitions. There are many resources available that can help make the process go smoothly. Always feel free to reach out to me. I am here to help. The article below posted by SRES provides useful information as you begin to prepare.

What Type of Home Matches Your Vision of Retirement?

Often, retirement is a time for significant life transitions. For example, does your current home match your future dreams? Many people use this time to upsize, downsize, or move to a new destination.
A real estate professional who has earned the SRES® designation, like myself, can be a valuable partner on your journey. They understand clients’ unique perspectives over the age of 50 and can help you find the right fit, depending on your priorities.

Which category best describes your interests?

1. Focus on Family

If family plays an extensive role in your life, you’ll probably need space to accommodate them. That might mean an extra bedroom or a play area for weekly grandchild visits. Or a multi-generational floor plan that carves out a living suite for an adult child’s family—or yourself.

2. Travel and Taking it Easy

Perhaps home is where relaxation is the name of the game, and it’s easy
to travel because the property “takes care of itself.” In this case, look for a home that minimizes maintenance and landscaping chores, perhaps focusing on townhomes or condos with homeowners’ associations.

3. Social Butterfly

If you thrive on social interactions, an age-restricted community may be an excellent fit. Often, they offer a full schedule of activities and events where residents can easily make new acquaintances and build

4. Staying Put Moving is hard work!

If you want to minimize moves, focus on finding a “forever” home that will continue serving your needs if your health and mobility falter. Many buyers age 50+prioritize one-floor living and aging in place amenities.

5. Eating and Entertaining

Maybe you love cooking or hosting gatherings. In this case, prioritize a home with adequate entertaining
space indoors and outside. And if you view retirement as a time to let your culinary skills shine, make sure your next home also includes the kitchen of your dreams.

6. Still Working

If you aren’t ready to relax into full retirement or need to continue working for financial reasons, make sure your next home can accommodate remote work (a dedicated office, quiet location, etc.) or is near appealing, in-person job opportunities.

7. Happy Hobbyist
Will retirement provide more time to devote to a favorite hobby—or to tackle new skills? Make sure your
home includes space for your pursuits, such as a woodworking shop, a painting studio, or a crafts room.
Outdoor enthusiasts may need room to store large equipment, like a fishing boat.

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