Senior Living Brain Boosting Activities Maintaining mental stimulation and engaging in brain-boosting activities can be especially important for seniors, as it can help prevent cognitive decline and maintain overall brain health. Here are a few brain-boosting activities that seniors can try: Reading: Reading books, newspapers, or magazines can help seniors improve their vocabulary, increase their general knowledge, and stimulate their […]
Senior Living Technology and Seniors Technology can be an important tool for seniors to stay connected with family and friends, access information, and maintain their independence. Here are a few tips for seniors and technology: Start simple: Seniors should start with simple technologies, such as a basic smartphone or tablet, and work their way up to more advanced devices as […]
Senior Living Aging in Place As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist, I work with my clients and their families to explore different housing options. One of the decisions we discuss is aging in place vs. moving into a senior apartment or assisted living. This blog post discusses the Advantages and Disadvantages of Aging in Place. The U.S. Centers for Disease […]
Senior Living Overview of Housing Options for Seniors There are several housing options for senior citizens, including: Independent living: Independent living communities offer seniors the ability to live in a community setting with minimal assistance, while still maintaining their independence. Assisted living: Assisted living communities provide residents with help with daily tasks, such as bathing and dressing, while also offering social and recreational […]
Senior Living Exploring Medicare Medicare and Medicaid have been a mystery to many. Until we begin to reach the age where it matters to us or our family members, most of us don’t take the time to research and explore the program and it’s options. Recently, I was contacted by a representative from RetireGuide. When I explored RetireGuide, I […]
Helpful Home Information How Healthy is your Home? As I was thinking about potential new blog posts, I explored the SRES Blog for ideas. I was intrigued with their post about healthy homes. The topics of eating right, simplifying, organizing, purging unnecessary stuff and making our homes more healthy seem to come up on a daily basis within my family, friend and coworker […]
Senior Living Caregiver Stress Caregiver Stress  This blog post is for all the people going through life stresses associated with caregiving. As a CABR Seniors Real Estate designee, I am trained to help my clients prepare for housing transitions for their senior loved ones. My background as a Masters Level Individual, Couples and Family Therapist coupled with my SRES […]
Senior Living Top 10 Rightsizing Tips for Seniors Decluttering and Rightsizing! Many of us seem to be having the same conversations about simplifying our lives, decluttering our homes and getting rid of “stuff”.  The “stuff” just simply bogs us down.  It is amazing how it all accumulates.  From large homes to more modest homes, we all seem to have one shared experience, Clutter!  […]
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Senior Living Helping our Senior Loved Ones Prepare their Homes for Sale At some point our senior loved ones will be making decisions around their housing needs. Sometimes this involves staying in place, looking for a home with a first floor bedroom, exploring assisted living options and in some cases looking at nursing homes. As family members, our seniors may ask for advice when considering getting their […]
First Time Homebuyers More First-time Buyers are Obtaining Conventional Instead of FHA Financing As I was researching helpful articles for first time homebuyers, I found this article posted on the National Association of Realtors® website.  This article explains FHA vs Conventional Loans for first time homebuyers and discusses current trends in the market. Please see below the Economists’ Outlook More First-time Buyers are Obtaining Conventional Instead of […]
Senior Living What Type of Home Matches Your Vision of Retirement As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist designee, I help people develop a real estate plan. More and more adults now care for their parents or loved ones while supporting children of their own. Many decisions need to be made around housing options. I am here to discuss the many possibilities and help families with housing […]
Senior Living Exercise and seniors As a spouse to a former college athlete, I am reminded of the importance of physical activity in keeping us all young. My husband grew up in a very active family. Exercise is a very important part of his life. His parents prioritize exercise and have found it to be an important tool in my […]
First Time Homebuyers 10 first-time homebuyer tips I am always searching for helpful information that my clients and their families can use to educate themselves on the home buying process. Having been in the real estate business for over a decade, I find that more and more my client’s are asking me to help their children purchase their first homes.  My clients […]
Senior Living Long-term Care: The Retirement Wildcard The end of the year is always a good time to take stock of your finances and make sure your savings and investments align with your long- and short-term goals. Even when you’ve been a diligent saver and invested wisely, the wildcard for nearly everyone is how to finance long-term care. It’s impossible to know […]
First Time Homebuyers A First-Time Home Buyer? Here is the Home-Buying Process A First-Time Home Buyer? Here is the Home-Buying Process Thinking of buying a home for the first time? Here is a synopsis of the home-buying process: Hire a Real Estate Agent This professional will be your guide from beginning to end and will assist in your home selection, purchase negotiations and closing. Work with someone who […]
Senior Living Help Your Retiring Parents Buy a Home Helping our Retiring Parents Buy a Home (posted by Sibcy’s Susan Knabe) This article outlines the many ways we can help our parents or loved ones with their housing needs. I am called often to help retiring folks explore their housing situations. This is usually the time we start looking at ranches or lifestyle homes […]
Senior Living Tips to help you downsize You make the call and I am here to sell your home so that you can move to a smaller house close to family. I’ve got the knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to help make your move a smooth one. When I get to your house to help you with staging, there is an overwhelming […]
Senior Living Preparing your home for Aging in Place As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist, I am frequently called to meet with my friends, clients and their families about the various housing options for seniors. Aging in place is an option many people choose. While there’s plenty of snowbirds that choose a warmer climate to move to, there’s also a growing number of seniors […]
Senior Living How to Choose an Assisted Living Facility I have been called more and more often by friends and clients about selling their parents homes. We all seem to be experiencing the same challenges that come with aging family members. I discuss with my clients the many options that are available, one being assisted living facilities as they transition out of their homes. […]
Introduction Introduction to my BLOG Hello! My blog focuses on providing resource information for individuals and families who are preparing for or who are currently experiencing the stress of family transitions. Read on and you will see you are not alone! So… your children are transitioning into an independent life and/or you are realizing your parents are transitioning into a […]